What is the order process?

Where to purchase passports

Buy real passport online or any other document; The order process is as follows:

  1. You send us the required details
  2. You Pay 60% as deposit
  3. We design the electronic draft (preview/scan)
  4. You confirm the content information
  5. Pay the balance
  6. We print the production products (apply holograms, emblems, seals, stamps etc.)
  7. Register the document (For real documents)
  8. Package for secure and discreet shipping

Where to purchase passports .It usually takes 5-7 days to produce a document, and the delivery time takes about 3 days. Buy Real Passport Online. Purchase a passport online.

where to purchase passports
where to purchase passports
How does our service work?

Real passports for sale. To place an order, kindly click on a buy now button you will be redirected to an online application form. Fill the form accurately and submit it. Once we receive your your details, we shall respond you with the full information on how to proceed with payment. Once you confirm the price and terms, we shall proceed with the production process of your document and once we are done with the production of your document, we shall proceed with delivery of your document. We accept 60% upfront payment before we can start work.

Note: If you need it a document that you can’t find on our website, contact us and we will let you know if it can be produced as we can not list all documents on the website. 

Why should i trust your service?

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with 100% success. Apart from the Testimonials our clients give, you can go through our website to see some few samples of documents and the sample video. We receive a minimum of 15-28 orders everyday from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their documents. So be rest assured of our legitimacy. 

Can i use your real documents instead of the ones from the authorities?

Yes, our real documents are the same as the documents from the authorities. We use the same quality of materials that the authorities use and we register all the client’s information into the supposed database system and the government will recognize the document. So all our Real documents are genuine and the same as the government authorized documents so you shall legally use the Real documents.

If I order a Real document, how will i know you will send me a Real document and not a Fake one?

When mailing your document to you, shall also parcel a Verification Diskette, Telepoint Code and Database Link which you shall use in verifying the authenticity of your document. With the verification diskette, you shall be able to see your full registered information in the supposed database system. Buying a passport online. Seeing your information in the system means that your document is a real document and so you shall legally use the document. With us, you get a fake document if you order one and a real document if you order one. Real passports for sale.

Real passports for sale
Real passports for sale
Apart from the Verification Diskette, what other means can i verify that my document is real before i start using it?

You can go to the consular of the supposed country or the authorities of the supposed document to verify with them. For example, if we produced you a US Passport, you can take the Passport to the US authorities or embassy or consular in your Country for them to verify the Passport. And if we are producing you a OKLAHOMA driver’s license, then you shall take the driver’s license to the OKLAHOMA DMV to verify. This is your Right and you don’t have nothing to worry about. Real passports for sale.

What if you Produce me a Real document and it expires, how will i Renew it if i don't find you guys again?

Once we have produced you a Real document, then all your information are registered in the supposed database. So when your document expires, you have every rights to go to the authorities of your Country for them to Renew your document and everything will be done without any problems. Once they check the system and see that your information are registered validly, they will renew your document without any problems.

purchase a passport online
purchase a passport online
Can i fully pay for my document after i receive it?

For security and production reasons, we accept 90% payment upfront. We can accept 60% upfront depending on the documents and the amount you are paying, You will complete the remaining money when we have send you a picture of your document so we can do the delivery of your document to the address you will provide to us.

I have a Real Passport, but i want a Fake passport from you guys with a Different information.

What ever document you want us to produce for you, whether Real or Fake, all we need from you is the information that you decide to give us. Be it your Real information or Not, we shall use them to produce your document. So any information you provide us with is the same information you shall find in your document.

My passport has been seized and i want a new one. Can you erase my previous information and produce me a new one with same info?

For us to produce you a new Passport, we shall trace your previous information in the system using your previous Passport number and erase all the previous information and then register your new information for the new passport. So the other passport with the Police will have no use and it will just be a fake document with them because with the passport, they will never trace you or trace any of your information in the system.

Can I use your Real documents instead of the ones from the authorities?

Yes, our real documents are the same as the documents from the authorities. We use the same quality of materials that the authorities use and we register all the client’s information into the supposed database system and the government will recognize the document. So all our Real documents are genuine and the same as the government authorized documents so you shall legally use the Real documents.

Buy real passport online
Buy real passport online
Can i legally use your documents?

All the real documents we provide are legally registered in the database of the local legislation for which that particular document is intended. In other words, all real documents we produce are as valid and authentic as it gets same as those issued by the authorities.

We operate a vast network of fiduciary professional with full legal judiciary accreditation, through which we register all the necessary information for database validation, depending on the local and international authorities for which your document is intended. If we can’t register and have your documents validated for your country or area of jurisdiction, we will let you know.

So definite rest assured all the real documents we provide you are entirely legitimate.

Which country is the best for second passport?

There is no simple answer to this question. Instead, ask yourself: “Why do I need a second passport?”

If the answer is to improve the quality of you and your family’s life, you need to base your choice on the comparative safety of a country or continent, what languages are spoken there, what its standards of health and education are, and how strong its economy is.

The standout choices are the USA and Europe followed by Australia and Japan. With an E.U passport you are free to live and work anywhere you choose within the European Union for as long as you want to.

If you need a second passport for travel, once again the US and E.IJ followed by Australia and Japan passports are by far the best option, with access 170+ countries visa-free worldwide.

buying a passport online
buying a passport online
Do you deliver worldwide?

Sounds impossible but, Yes we delivery Worldwide as fast as possible.

Will you deliver to any address?

We will deliver to any address (a restaurant, a bar, a shopping center, your house, whatever!) as long as your address is within one of the serviceable state. We can’t deliver to military camps, government institutions, any schools or near children, however.

What is your return/refund policy?

For obvious reasons we do not accept returns. If your document does not arrive within 10 days of payment, write to us and we will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to our error we will resend or give you a refund.

If you receive the product but you are not satisfied with the document or its not what you ordered, all you will need to do will be to make a short video of you destroying the document and after that, we will issue your refund. We do this so clients don’t use documents and request for a refund although they are using the document. Buying a passport online.Wondering where to purchase passports or you want to Buy Real Passport Online? we are here for you.

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